Samsung Omnia W Review

When you first open it the first words that comes to your mind are “WOW”.Its a sleek black device (Yes the only colour available ).Measuring 115.6 x 58.8 x 10.9 mm with a 3.7 Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass, it weighs just 115.3 gram its a phone which may make people around you jealous (I said “may”).It comes with Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango,1.4 Ghz Scorpion with a Adreno 205 GPU,an Internal Storage of 8GB (with no microSd slot as Mango doesn’t support it),5MP camera with LED Flash which can take 720p videos, a secondary front facing VGA camera,WI-FI b/g/n,3G,Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass etc.So without wasting time we move on to the detailed review.


The Omnia W has a 3.7 inch  Super AMOLED ( pentile matrix)Screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. Its one of the best screens you will come across.Super AMOLED is  a type of LED display. Its main advantage from other display technologies is that the layer that detects touch is integrated into the screen rather than being overlaid on top.AMOLED displays provides higher refresh rates than their passive-matrix OLED display counterparts,  improving response time often to under a millisecond, and they consume significantly less power.The amount of power the display consumes varies significantly depending on the color and brightness shown.AMOLED mobile phone users can save battery power by avoiding white backgrounds.(WARNING GEEK STUFF Pentile Matrix is a family of patented subpixel matrix schemes used in electronic device display. These subpixel layout are specifically designed to operate with a proprietary set of subpixel rendering algorithms embedded in the display driver, allowing plug and play compatibility with conventional RGB Stripe panels.)


The  1.4 GHz Scorpion accompanied by a Adreno 205 GPU easily handles whatever is thrown at it.As it also has 512 MB RAM there is no lag whatsoever in the OS. The games run pretty smooth (Assasins Creed looked much better on it that on Ipo Touch 4th Generation ).As microSD is not supported by Windows Mango there is no expandable memory and you are stuck with the internal 8GB storage (6.67 GB is usable rest is used up by OS).The speakers are decent nothing extraordinary.The call quality is average nothing great.Till now no calls have been dropped even in bad networks but there have been some voice problems in low network(happened in all other phones too ) .The WIFI is good and Bluetooth is only for Headsets as you cannot transfer files (Windows Phone restriction).It comes with a 1500mah battery.Overall the battery life is decent and with Music( 5 hours),Internet (All Day),7-8 cals and messages and 3-4 Hours gaming lasts all day.Its standby time is pretty good as it lasted from 9% battery to 5% battery for 7 day without using at all (The mobile network was turned on).The 5MP camera takes a decent photograph.


The Windows Phone 7.5 is a relatively new as is slowly gaining popularity (thanks to Nokia’s advertising with that awesome tune from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs).It offers a fresh interface which pretty sexy and cool to use.Windows Mango has deeply integrated social networking into its OS.You can take a photograph and post it to any site in about 4 seconds, post a status as soon as you type it simultaneously on all social networks.Chat using the messaging As there is no OS customization offered by Microsoft all the device running this software will have the same interface (Only Apps are what differ as each of them offers about 5-6 different app  not available to other phones. Nokia Drive is only the different thing that is actually a different a pp that matters).Then there is live tiles which constantly keep changing with current info (like if you create a group of 3 peoples and pin it to start it will keep displaying their photo and then their last Facebook post, weather app will keep displaying the live weather status so you get the idea).Writing messages,emails are very simple.Keyboard is a breeze to use.Copying text is also very just easy.


Well coming to downsides as in IPhone there is Zune for transferring ,music ,videos etc which is simply irritating.You cannot transfer files through Bluetooth.To transfer Documents,Slides,Excel,PDF files NEEDS to be self emailed and download via email (The stupidest part). The apps are limited (about 80000) but that is due to Microsoft as it strictly controls the market.The developers require to get a 99$ a year membership and their apps needs to be approved by Microsoft before being published. Despite that popular apps are available and there are many good free apps too.


Overall the Windows Phone is a refreshing experience offering the most simple yet stylish interface.Its has the best interface amongst  all the other OSes.Its fast, simple and somewhat practical.You will definitely love it.



The Omnia W is the best Windows Phone on the sub 15K (Rupees) budget.Its way more better than Lumia 710 and makes a good challenge for Lumia 800even though it costs half of it but lack of advertising has killed this phone.This is a phone I that should have received far more attention than that it is getting now. Overall I will give it 8 out of 10 stars.

The First post

Well just decided to start a blog to write on random stuffs.I think I’m gonna start with a review of Samsung Omnia W.Hmm so over to next post.